Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Totalitarian POSIWIDs

Totalitarianism is a growing threat. In a world in which 'you're either for us or against us' enforced conformity is the thin end of tyranny's wedge that ushers it in.

In my view, Iraq's Ba'athist Party (back when it ruled that country's roost) and the USA's National Rifle Association (NRA) share a common POSIWID - to remove any opposition to their respective agendas. Implementation methods differ but the impossibility of an anti-Ba'athist individual's advancement within Iraq's power structure was exactly mirrored by the similar impossibility of an anti-gun individual's in the US. And what gets rewarded gets done. So, conform and progress.

The fact that Iraq had only one such organization enforcing conformity whereas the US has several - its powerful religious lobbies, pro-lifers, tobacco, the military-industrial complex - doesn't negate their equivalence it shows only the one to have been more totalitarian than the other.

(I used Iraq as the example in this little note because it's somewhere we're all familair with. I could have equally easily used any of the countries that comprise the ‘axis of evil’.)

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