Friday, October 08, 2004

Spinning POSIWID

The POSIWID of spin (as practiced by spinmeisters Alistair Campbell, Ari Fleischer et al) is to distract our attention. In the presence of spin we should all keep Groucho Marx's question in mind: What are you going to believe - me, or your your own eyes? This is the start of risk management.

Stories from today's Guardian show that some spin’s good - ‘…Warne’s sharp leg-break was too good and it knocked back his (VVS Laxman’s) off stump as if it had been punched by a nightclub bouncer.’

And some spin’s not so good - ‘Rather than focus on the implications of the big picture – there were no WMD – the ISG report was used (by the White House) to discredit opponents of the war…’

And the spin goes spinning on to its ultimate POSIWID.

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