Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Love thy neighbour? Not in this bed you don't

I take it as read that a religion will do everything in its power to prevent people discovering things about the world that might bring its tenets into question. So myth-protection is perfectly understandable as religion’s POSIWID…but furniture sales?

According to a snippet in my paper today, an article in the current issue of The English Churchman addresses this burning moral dilemma: ‘Suppose a devoutly religious person worked in a furniture store and an unmarried couple, or worse, a gay couple (The English Churchman calls them sodomites though without providing any evidence that they’d even been to Sodom (or Gomorrah for that matter)) came in to buy a bed. Should, knowing the purpose to which it is to be put, the devoutly religious person allow the bed to be bought?’

Imagining the answer’s not hard: religion’s POSIWID is to reduce the sale of beds.

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