Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tags and tagging

Listening to the radio in my car this lunchtime I learned how easy it is going to be for me to remove my electronic tag should I ever be subjected to ‘home detention’ before the technology improves.

A piece of insulation, a hairdryer, set on full-blast, and a bit of brute force is currently all it takes. So that’s a load off my mind as well as a potential shackle off my ankle.

The smart cookies from whom I picked up this gem, do it all the time apparently. Once free of their tag, they fix it to the cat, lock the cat in the house and nip off to commit their crime of choice. They do this secure in the knowledge that the tag provides them - courtesy of the 'security' firm running the PFI tagging operation - with a cast-iron alibi. And thus the POSIWID of tagging becomes risk-free crime for the tagged.

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