Saturday, May 14, 2005

POSIWID won't be denied

Richard has been tracking the tag on Technorati, and has discovered another blogger following the story of David Bellamy's forgotten shift key.

Chris says: "When dealing with human systems, the intention of the person acting should always be taken into account because the "Does" can often lead far away from the intended "Purpose".

And I don't necessarily agree. Context rules almost invariably. 555 for example is only 55% when x equals some interminable number that starts 1009.09...

Even the Premier League has done away with 'intent' when it comes to awarding penalties. Intent used to be the deciding factor so that an unintended handball or the accidental brutalisation of an attacker to prevent a goal would be allowed to pass willy-nilly according to the referee's interpretation of intent. No longer though. Now POSIWID rules in the penalty area.

One POSIWID result, inevitable (and akin I guess to the point Richard made to me about Luther being responsible for the counter reformation as much as for the reformation itself) is the elaborate play acting - simulation to give it its official name: players diving for penalties while defenders run round with their hands on their heads with all the innocent appeal of the penalty-denier. POSIWID though won't be denied.

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