Friday, October 07, 2005

Look up, look down, you missed it. (Part 1)

Kids round here get spoofed from day one by look up, look down, you missed it. Adults think it’s pretty clever and kids fall for it once, maybe twice and exceptionally thrice. After that they know too much. It’s a learning game, see. Americans though fall for it every time.

President George Bush the younger (rhymes with war-monger) is in trouble. He screwed up big-time over Katrina. He over-reacted over Rita. He gave all the proceeds of both disasters to Dick Cheney’s Halliburton. He has two thousand, and counting, US dead in Iraq. Iran is giving him the nuclear finger. He appoints his semi-competent Texas nanny-lawyer to the US Supreme Court. His twin puppeteers, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are revealed as being criminally guilty of identifying and naming Joe Wilson’s wife as a serving CIA secret service operative in revenge over Saddam’s non-existent WMD. And the Rove-Cheney emissary on planet earth, Texan Tom deLay, majority leader in the House of Representatives, faces indictment for electoral fraud. And all Dubya wants to do is cut taxes for his friends, privatise social security, and give his brother Jeb his job in a couple of years.

So what’s he do: he plays look up, look down, you missed it. And, in one bound, he is free.

First he arranges for New York City to get a ‘terror alert’ so that the subways are teeming with uniforms and everyone sees how well ‘Homeland Security’ is working. He then tells the world that ‘god’ made him do it. Voices in his head, he claims – the same voices that had told him to run for governor of Texas when he quit the bottle and the spoon – told him to invade Afghanistan and to free Iraq from tyranny. The voices also told him that the Palestinians needed a homeland and that the Israelis needed security.

Hmmm, these’ll be the same voices that Peter Sutcliffe used to hear I suppose. Quick, look up, look down, you missed it.

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