Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Cui Bono

A version of the POSIWID principle is known by the Latin tag Cui Bono: Who benefits?

Galbraith's concept of Innocent Fraud is an excellent example of this. It denotes action that benefits the actor without the actor being consciously aware of this. The purpose of your actions can be inferred from how you benefit from your actions, even if this is not consciously planned. Following Freud, we know that we are driven by mechanisms of which we know nothing and often prefer to remain ignorant.

This is why political sincerity is so dangerous. A politician (for example one with a background as a lawyer, perhaps you can guess the one I mean) can convince himself that a given position is morally and intellectually sound; it is possible that his outrage and hurt when he is challenged on this position is quite genuine.

Update: I 0riginally wrote "Qui Bono" and I've been meaning to correct this for ages. Sorry about this.

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marxbites said...

As a 54yo who come of age in the sixties, I hated Govt and especially Nixon. By '72 I'd enlisted in the USCG, and ended up on security patrol in a 27' go-fast off the Key Biscayne Whitehouses. I had a sense through the 70's that things were not quite right having witnessed the Govt convoys of rocket launchers, and tanks on flatbeds, on US1 on their way thru Miami to Key West during the Cuban missile crisis in strength against the commies, versus Nixon's leaving the S. Vietnamese to mass genocide, resigning in shame.

Not that most all of America's wars weren't contrived to consolidate wealth and power at the lumpen's expense.

Learning about the Laffer curve by 1980 about halfway through school, then hearing RWR's campaign and then voting for him twice, things still seemed off kilter despite the thriving growth less taxation always helps create. It was those Democrats and their high taxes to pay for the welfare state, union privilege, and tons of buyoffs to special interests and foreignors which I saw only as a wasteful ripoff of the little guy, me.

A faithful Republican even through GHWB (liar!) and through 2004, and having studied the non-govt school and non-media versions of history and economics, the logic of qui bono compels me to believe that indeed we are not free.

Int'l Bankers have indebted every country's Govt in the world by financing both sides of the wars they engineered to control the debt fiat currencies they manufacter from thin air at interest; that was their goal before their cabal won the First Bank of the US, culminating in the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, a job which the constitution placed squarely at congress' feet, with zero interest expense to the people.

Two of my favorite places to find the non-establishment-filtered truth, are at mises.org and Lew Rockwell. Rothbard, Raico, Hoppe, etc at mises really put the bullshit to the lamestream's dreamworld pro-govt versions I was inculcated with in my naive youth.

In following the money, it is awful hard to conclude that the Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal and their vast web of groomed water carriers in govt, media, academe and finance, has not been the primary beneficiaries of almost every atrocity in the world for the past 200+/- years.

Here's a pertinant article:

"Cui Bono Revisited"