Friday, October 29, 2004

Power of Nightmares 2

John has already mentioned the Power of Nightmares. This is an extraordinary documentary on BBC2, showing alarming parallels (if not co-evolution) between the rise of the US NeoConservatives and the rise of the Islamic extremists. Former allies against the Soviet empire in Afghanistan, sworn enemies since well before September 11th, but sharing a common belief in the decadence of liberalism.

Four days before the US election, a videotape is released of a recent speech by Osama Bin Laden, attacking America and attacking George W Bush. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Is the videotape likely to have any effect on the result of the US election? If so, what effect is it likely to have?
  • Is the videotape intended to have an effect on the US election? If so, what effect is it intended to have?
  • If Bin Laden wanted to ensure Bush's reelection, how would he go about it? If he preferred Kerry, what would he do?

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