Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Deming SIG Meeting

VSM event at IQA, Hyde Park Corner, London. 14 July, 2005.

Speakers include Patrick Hoverstadt, Trevor Hilder and Tony Gill.

Trevor will be using POSIWID to describe a project using ICT to improve the business processes of a company which manufactures enzymes for use in life-science laboratories worldwide. His focus will be on recounting the history of this 'cybernetic intervention' and what it can tell us about the purposes being pursued by the management of the company, as compared to what the management say about the subject.

Trevor is a strong advocate of the work of Stafford Beer, and his paper Viability versus Tribalism was published in the special edition of Kybernetes, dedicated to Stafford's work (Volume 33 Number 3/4 2004).

For booking details, see IQA website.

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