Sunday, October 30, 2005

Why All This Tarmac?

In a recent interview with the BBC (November 27th), Prince Charles complained about all the tarmac at a school he had visited.

And I still think that if schools even had little vegetable gardens, at least it connects children to how things grow. When I was at a school in Scotland the other day, I noticed they'd tarmacked over the whole of the area around the school. And I said but why all this tarmac - why can't you dig up some of it and allow the children to grow vegetables in it? It is as simple as that.

For some reason, the BBC newspage for this story is no longer available.

Update: when I first posted this, the interview could still be found on the Google cache, but it has now disappeared from there as well.

In a separate BBC interview (which I heard broadcast but cannot find on the BBC website), a representative of the school in question (an otherwise exemplary school pioneering organic school meals and other worthy ventures) admitted that the tarmac had actually been laid in anticipation of the Prince's visit. They were expecting a lot of extra people to see the Prince; disused ground, inner city, health and safety, blah, blah, blah.

In other words, despite his earnest words to the contrary, the Prince of Wales causes tarmac wherever he goes. (Perhaps there is a mystical connection between the Prince and tarmac, similar to the mystical connection between Tyrone Slothrop and the V2 rocket in Gravity's Rainbow.)

All of this has been quietly suppressed.

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