Thursday, April 27, 2006

President Bush regrets

President Bush had vowed to speak candidly with Chinese President Hu Jintao about affording more political and social freedom to Chinese citizens.

During President Hu's speech, a protestor interrupted. Protest and free speech are fundamental American values.

But not apparently when these conflict with diplomatic hospitality. The protestor was silenced. President Bush apologized to President Hu, and begged him to continue. Bush later said he regretted the unfortunate incident.

As Bill Petti puts it on the Duck of Minerva blog: Do as I say, and, apparently, as I do.
when citizens protest unjust policies they should be stifled, charged with a crime, and those who previously touted the virtues of freedom of speech and political expression will apologize for it
What is the point of diplomatic talks between America and China, and what is their effect? Do they persuade China to adopt American values, or do they persuade America to adopt Chinese values?

[source: BBC News April 21, 2006] tags: POSIWID
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Robin Wilton said...

Ah, well, Bush should have taken a few tips from Jabba the Presc-Hutt. There's a man who knows how to speak frankly to President Hu Jintao.