Friday, September 08, 2006

Alexander Therapy

Robin Wilton kindly put in a plug for this blog, and sent me an email saying I should look at Dave's Bit Bucket.

Reading through an interesting mixture of technical security and wok recipes, I came across his ingenious thought that biometrics was not such a tall order. Let's check height (without socks) as a simple but effective way of testing that the physical person matches the passport or identity card.

Dave avers that height is one of those characteristics that remains unaltered thoughout one's adult life. This assumption is incorrect - but in an extremely useful way. Proponents of Alexander Technique claim that one can gain an inch in height after a few months of regular lessons.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if lots of criminals and terrorists signed up for Alexander lessons, in order to fool a height-based biometric system, but then gained a new outlook on life as a result? Maybe people who can hold their heads high don't need to do that kinda stuff any more. tags: POSIWID
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