Sunday, November 26, 2006

Scissors Paper Stone

A piece of paper releases Michael Stone from prison, and another piece of paper returns him to prison. [BBC News: Stone's release licence suspended. Nov 25, 2006. See also BBC News Nov 24th, 2006.]

The British are the world champions at the ancient and strategic game of Scissors, Paper, Stone. [BBC News November 18th, 2006. See also BBC News May 6th, 2005.]

Stone is accused of a "fairly amateurish" attempt to murder Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, and of possessing a range of terrorist implements including an axe and a garotte. ("Would you mind putting your mediaeval trophies on the conveyor belt, Mr Stone, while I search your pockets for hair gel?")

Update: At Belfast Crown Court, Stone claims his act was intended as performance art and/or comic parody [BBC News 22 September 2008].

Meanwhile a Russian spy dies after apparently ingesting Polonium 210. [BBC News Nov 24th 2006]

Sometimes watching the news has the same effect as a badly-edited film - leaving the puzzled viewer trying to work out the plot. Will the director's cut make more sense, and when will it be available?

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