Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Reinforcing Stereotypes

Google reflects the cumulative errors and distortions of the Internet.

Several people (I got it from Radovan - see also Blogoscoped) have recently noticed that if you type "she invented" into Google, you are presented with a suggested modification: Did you mean "he invented"?

So I tried some variations.
  • "he chatted" - Did you mean "he created"?
  • "she boring" - Did you mean "he boring"?
  • "she time-wasting" - Did you mean "he time-wasting"?
I tried some other search engines. None of the others I tried has this helpful feature. I'd better get back to work ...


A related story about a boy whose mother wanted to call him Kohler Wilson, so that he would have a good Google rating. (I got it from Barry, see also Marc Perton.)

Did you mean Reptiles of Central America, by Gunther Kohler and Larry David Wilson?

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