Thursday, June 28, 2007

London Olympics 2012

If you thought the London Olympics had something to do with Media, Culture or Sport, the latest UK government reshuffle should put you right.

Tessa Jowell has been relieved of her ministerial duties for media, culture and sport, but continues to be responsible for the London Olympics. [BBC News, June 28th 2007].

So if the London Olympics is not a matter of media, culture and sport, what is its true purpose?

The location of the Olympics seems pretty irrelevant to television viewers. And it probably doesn't make all that much difference to the competitors, who are too busy training to pay much attention to their surroundings. The only people who seem to care about the location of the Olympics are the politicians, who seem to regard it as a matter of national ego. And of course the poor taxpayers of the unlucky city, who will be paying the bills for the next twenty years.

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