Tuesday, March 04, 2008


According to Wikipedia, Hodge-Podge is a soup "made of a mixture of various ingredients ... often a token of poverty ... prepared from whatever ingredients are available".

The UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport, run by Mr Bodge and Mrs Hodge, is currently working on a plan to feed all schoolchildren with an incredibly nourishing and warming cultural soup. Last month, Andy Burnham and Ed Balls announced that children should have access to at least five hours high-quality culture per week. [BBC News, February 13th 2008]

So what counts as high-quality culture? Some clues today from Culture Minister Margaret Hodge, who criticizes the Proms for attracting too narrow a section of society, and hints we should be thinking in terms of Coronation Street rather than The Coronation of Poppea [BBC News, March 4th 2008]. Perhaps she will like the idea of ‘Sports-style’ commentary for classical concerts [Newsbiscuit, June 2010].

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