Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ovulation and Sexual Attraction

According to the latest pseudo-science, "wearing red 'boosts attraction' ... experts say that red signals ovulation". [BBC News 28 October 2008]

A previous study showed that "Sexy walks 'keep men off scent' ... those with alluring walks were the furthest away from ovulation ... women disguise their fertility to deter unsuitable partners". [BBC News 8 November 2007]

So if men are attracted to women when they are ovulating, this is because the women are unconsciously broadcasting something; and if men are attracted to women when they are not ovulating, this is because they are unconsciously broadcasting the exact opposite. Got that?

Both pieces of research take female behaviour, as well as male reactions to this behaviour, to be somehow biologically determined. It appears that the researchers expected the sexy walk to coincide with ovulation. But when this hypothesis was disproved they simply reversed the theory, in order to preserve their assumption of biological determinism. That's why I call this stuff pseudo-science.

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