Monday, October 13, 2008

Purpose of Insomnia

Can insomnia be a means to an end?

In a discussion on sleepnet, two of the contributors say their insomnia arose out of, and forced them to deal with, deeper problems they were confronted with (bad relationships, stress).

"A bad night's sleep is not necessarily a prelude to a bad day; I often find the resulting dreamy, detached condition rather better for my work that the excess of energy I get when I sleep well." Bryan Appleyard, On Insomnia. Selena Dreamy adds "Once you've broken through the pain-barrier, everything falls into place. You are dreaming, dreaming, dreaming ... communing with the gods. It is something very, very special!"

"I'm not sure I would continue to be myself if I lost my insomnia" Bryan Appleyard, On Insomnia 2. Neil Forsyth adds "Sometimes a person's affliction is the only interesting thing about them."

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Melissa said...

Interesting post, especially the "affliction" quote! One night, here and there, could potentially be productive I suppose. But I wonder if the contributing minds would change after years of no sleep?
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