Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Banker Vote

@TimHarford retweets @JohnWillman "Fascinating FT survey of top bankers find they overwhelmingly prefer Darling as Chancellor and have serious doubts about Osborne".

Darling was responsible for huge bail-outs to the banks. Meanwhile, one of the few sensible ideas Osborne has floated is that the banks are too large and need to be broken up. (See my post Does Britain Need Smaller Banks?) So it's not exactly surprising if bankers prefer Darling.

But given the current deep unpopularity of the banks, what effect is this likely to have on the voting preferences of the rest of us?

When Osama Bin Laden intervened in the US election in 2004, I thought it was pretty obvious he knew this would benefit Bush. See my posts on The Power of Nightmares (October 2004, October 2008).

Vince Cable it is then.

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