Saturday, January 07, 2012

God's Purpose In All Things

Following the breakup of their daughter's marriage, an evangelical couple in America is reported as having praised God for the impending divorce. This seems to contradict their previous opposition to divorce.

It is perhaps a natural human reaction to say "Thank God" when your daughter splits up with a bloke you never really liked. Once upon a time, however, this would have been regarded as tantamount to taking the Lord's name in vain - in other words, blasphemy.

But if one reads the actual quote rather than the headlines, it is more of a silver lining than outright blasphemy.

"I'm sure Katy is trending on the internet just to get you to church tonight," said Mrs Hudson, 63. "I mean all over the world, who knows how God is bringing them in? The most important thing is you are here and God wants to put the fire in you in 2012," [Daily Telegraph 6 January 2012]

Twitter Populi, Twitter Dei.

But @katyperry warns us not to regard the voice of the parents as the voice of God.

"Concerning the gossip, I want to be clear that NO ONE speaks for me. Not a blog, magazine, "close sources" or my family."

Vox parentis non putrem a matre distinguit. (Whatever that means.)

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