Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Exception Proves the Rule

Last week, a story appeared in several papers about a woman who was described as a sex addict. Crystal Warren (42) claimed to have slept with over a thousand men.

Earlier this week, the woman was interviewed on breakfast TV. The interviewer, veteran presenter Eamonn Homes (52) caused some outrage by asking her whether she had ever considered charging for sex.

In a further twist, the woman is now revealed to have been born a man, and to have had a sex-change operation in 2005.

Not only do many of the details of the earlier stories now turn out to be inaccurate or misleading, but we may now question whether Ms Warren can serve as a legitimate exception to a presumed general pattern of female sexual desire and behaviour, which had presumably been the point of publishing the story in the first place. Nevertheless, Ms Warren is now a celebrity and This is Somerset proudly announces that Ms Warren grew up in Somerset. Obviously the only way isn't Essex then.

See also Alexander Boot Sex Drugs and Eamonn Holmes, Daily Mail 3 February 2012

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