Monday, January 23, 2006

Achilles Heel

Perfection is for the gods. Heroes are supplied with a fatal flaw, which ultimately destroys them. The gods (or scheming humans) may coax them into situations where they will be most vulnerable, but it is often their own arrogance that does them in.

George Galloway championed many causes, opposed the war in Iraq, stood up for Moslem rights, dared to challenge Tony Blair and George Bush. His vanity led him to join some humiliating TV spectacle, with perhaps lasting damage to his credibility as a politician.

Mark Oaten was a steadfast Liberal, opposing the Labour Party on Identity Cards and Anti-Terror Legislation. An embarrassing scandal has caused him to resign his position as party spokesman.

Did they destroy themselves, or were they set up? What is the POSIWID of such self-destructive behaviour?

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Anonymous said...

interesting and well written.
A debatable question. Possibly the answer lies in the unsatisfied nature of man. We cant help most of our flaws. The best we can do is try to overcome them and not let them get in our way.