Sunday, October 26, 2008

Purpose of Yachts

Why do very rich people have yachts?

Thanks to the unwise blabbing of Tory finance spokesman George Osborne, we now have a pretty good idea. A good yacht in a good location certainly does wonders to befuddle the minds of otherwise well-educated politicians.

Alan Watkins quotes Lord Beaverbrook: "Have nothing to do with yachts", and this is echoed by Andy McSmith and Alice Miles.

Other politicians who have had yacht-related leakage include

As I predicted a few weeks ago (Political Double Acts), we are already starting to get an exciting frisson of tension between the Prince of Darkness and the Prince of Gloom. But even I had no idea that this tension would be presented to the public in such a devious and dramatic fashion.

After all, if there is one person in British politics we cannot imagine being lured onto a Mediterranean yacht, surely it is Gordon Brown, whose Scottish austerity is contrasted against these decadent Oxford graduates. So what exactly is the true purpose of Lord Malfoy's return?

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