Monday, October 27, 2008

Which Election?

Which election are they fighting?

Some people suspect that Governor Palin's real goal is to set herself up for 2012. She never thought McCain had a chance of winning, but she thought she might as well benefit herself from the national exposure.

Many people think Governor Palin is unintelligent, because she doesn't seem to know much about the political issues, and she is "not good at process questions". But Jane Mayer in the New Yorker describes her as a politically astute operator with boundless ambition. She studied journalism, and seems to know how to get half the media on her side. She is also known for stabbing people in the back.

Why would she want to campaign in Iowa? This is not going to swing the 2008 election, but it sure helps groundwork for next time. But why would McCain go along with this?

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alex said...

so someone who looks like a moron in general public speaking, but behind the scenes is a scheming megalomaniac?

Hmmmmm.... So familiar but I can seem to place where....